Cultivating transparency, security and technology at all stages of management, marketing and communication between agribusiness companies and their customers.

Benefits from MinhaSafra360

  • We add technology to the field routine.
  • We optimize the commodities trading.
  • We integrate agribusiness companies with customers.
  • Reduction of costs, errors and rework.
  • Mobility and data centralization.

Find out why the product 'MinhaSafra360' was developed.

AgroRaiz360, a genuinely Brazilian platform, was born aiming to bring the innovation in digital technologies for agribusiness, optimizing the control of activities related to the production, import and export of grains, such as soy, corn and sorghum.

It was based on this objective that the company developed "MinhaSafra360", a fully digital system that optimizes the marketing of commodities and improves interaction between agribusiness companies and farmers.

Partnership that promotes

Union and Synergy!

We connect people committed to expertise in an agile and innovative way, enchanting the market.