"KSK Exceptions - Chargeback"

Chargeback management solution, developed with the best IT practices, specified, modeled, and tested using years of technical and operational expertise.

Discover the new visual concept of the KSK-Exceptions Chargeback brand. It brings together two elements that identify the product in a clear and objective way.

The initial ‘e’, in the word EXCEPTIONS, is linked to the arrows that identify the movements and flow of actions that occur in the midst of transactions (overlapping, directed to the right and left).

When both arrows integrate with the ‘e’, they form a direct, clean, conceptual icon, with solid and striking features, responsible for transmitting movement, reliability and agility to processes.

“Kstack's solution for Chargeback management reaches its 2nd year, extremely consistent, with more features, already tested and proven, and efficient and flexible management, delivering results as promised”. Sérgio Antonio Coelho, partner and IT Director at Kstack.

Chargeback Management is one of the essential elements in the Risk Management of an acquiring or sub-acquiring operation.

  • New sources of income.
  • Reduction in operational cost.
  • Application of filters.
  • Process automation.
  • Architecture aligned with trends.
  • Efficiency in management.

Find out how 'KSK Exceptions - Chargeback' arose.

For Kstack it would be natural to evolve towards solutions that could accelerate or help companies in their business challenges.

When the company defined the strategic business lines for solutions, the Payments market was a natural path due to the years of experience in this area, either through projects or through previous experience in reference companies in the Brazilian market.

We interpret challenges.

We tackle complex challenges and provide solutions.

We believe in the world of ideas. We excel in business and technology consulting.