Compassion and Solidarity: Discover the social heart of our company.

By supporting charities and NGOs, we seek to make a difference through love and understanding, building a better world.

Help you too!

There are many ways to make difference with volunteer work!

  • Contribute with basic food baskets to those who need it most.
  • Take advantage of the Nota Fiscal Paulista to make significant donations.
  • Dedicate your time to social causes that touch your heart.
  • Donate clothes and warm lives with your solidarity gesture.
  • Share information and help spread awareness about important causes.
  • Share your knowledge and empower those who want to learn.
  • Make financial donations and be an agent of transformation.

Get to know the institutions we work with!

Tenda de Cristo

Tenda de Cristo is a non-profit institution that takes care of kids and teenagers who, for some reason, were removed from family life. We act for free, promoting actions to encourage an increase in donations throughout the year.

Fundação Pró-Sangue

The Organization relies on voluntary blood donation to operate. We act for free, through actions that engage employees to carry out voluntary blood donation.

IFL - Instituto Fraternal de Laborterapia

IFL - Instituto Fraternal de Laborterapia is dedicated to the recovery of drug addicts and their families, and to the volunteers training, encouraging guidance and prevention through courses. We work for free, through support meetings and donations.


The non-profit cooperative for sorting electrical and electronic waste (electronic waste, technological waste or e-waste) and dry recyclables, a pioneer in Brazil. We work with the disclosure and correct disposal of the company's electronics.

AFESU - Moinho

AFESU Moinho is a non-profit NGO that promotes citizenship and human, educational and professional dignity for vulnerable women, kids, teenagers, and adults. Through free programs, events, and institutional actions, we seek to expand the universe of technology for girls, training and empowering them for a better life.

Together we go further.

Our purpose is to give visibility to social organizations and their causes in the Metropolitan West and Southwest region of São Paulo. We seek to increase fundraising and encourage volunteer participation, both locally and regionally.

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